Studio, the investment fund


In January 2017, Sia Partners launched its investment fund, Studio.  A consulting firm with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sia Partners plans to invest in companies to which it can bring a significant added value. With 3 million euros and Sia Partners as the sole stockholder, this investment fund will accompany select start-ups over the next three years, through their incubation and acceleration periods. Studio targets investment tickets of approximately 500,000€ for a 25-45% stake in companies in a range of industries. The fund is directly overseen by Sia Partners’s partnership, and is bonded to the group’s own funds. There is no predetermined term of ownership.


What is a start-up studio? How does it work?

A start-up studio relies on financial and human capital. Studio by Sia Partners will allow start-ups to benefit from the group’s expertise, acquired by working with larger companies and networks, as well as with other start-up ecosystems. These start-ups will be able to pull from Sia Partners’s know-how in both industry and function (marketing, revenue modeling, logistics, etc.). The firm will also offer to help make connections with large corporations and develop concrete opportunities within the consulting industry.

Depending on the context, start-ups could also be incorporated into the Sia Partners structure, permitting them to use the offices as well as recruitment resources. Each start-up will be followed by a dedicated team of consultants (up to ten according to the start-up’s project phase).

The selected start-ups will be from various industries and in differing stages of development (incubation, acceleration, shift, turnaround) and must be from one of the 15 countries in which Sia Partners has offices.

If you have a start-up and are interested in collaborating with Studio, please send an email to studio@sia-partners.com. Our committee reviews submissions regularly.


About Big Moustache

Studio’s first investment is Big Moustache, giving it a capital increase of 500,000€. Also participating is Day One Entrepreneurs & Partners (formerly L’Accélérateur), which previously financed the start-up. 

Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Gueugnier, Big Moustache is the hippest brand of men’s shaving products on the French market. In its disruptive and captivating manner, Big Moustache proposes quality products at reasonable prices and provides varied subscription formulas, express delivery, and spot-on service for its customers. Shaving has never been so fun!

Matthieu Courtecuisse (Sia Partners CEO) and Elsa Martineau (Manager at Sia Partners) are participating board members of Big Moustache’s steering committee.

For more infomation, please read our press release or visit www.bigmoustache.com