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May 11, 2017

Cyber Fortification Initiative (CFI) by HKMA - Are You Ready?

With increasing technological advances, cyberattacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated, and are proving to be ever more detrimental to the financial services sector. Given the changing landscape of the industry, in May 2016 HKMA pursued the Cyber Fortification Initiative (CFI) to enhance cyber resiliency within the financial services sector.

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April 19, 2017

Sia Partners announces membership in World Economic Forum

Sia Partners, leading French independent consulting firm, is pleased to announce its first year of membership in the World Economic Forum.

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Ready for IDD?

IDD non è una ridondanza rispetto alle regole attuali ma una normativa disruptive! Le Compagnie e gli intermediari devono ...

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Sia Partners - Quaderno di conformità

La regolamentazione che norma gli organismi bancari e assicurativi continua ad arricchirsi da una decina d’anni a questa p...

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Dimenticare Solvency II

Le Compagnie per rispondere alle esigenze regolamentari di Solvency II hanno messo in piedi processi non sempre siano otti...

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I suscribe, therefore I am...

Historically a characteristic of public services and the press, the subscription has gradually become a trend both in busi...

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March 8, 2017

Sia Partners and Moody’s Analytics announce collaboration as part of Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance program

Sia Partners and Moody’s Analytics announce their new strategic collaboration as part of the recently launched Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance program.

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Toward the end of B2B2C?

The best performers in the world of consumer goods mainly rely on intermediaries to market their products. The acceleratio...

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