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Sia Partners Compliance Booklet for Asia

Regulation in the banking and insurance industries

IFRS9, IRRBB, CRS, GN16, GN17, RBC, Data Privacy, BCBS239… Regulations ruling financial institutions have significantly evolved over the past few years. The entire value chain is affected, from product design to distribution, corporate management to assessment of own funds, from anti-fraud measures to the protection of personal data. More broadly speaking, an overall strengthening of customer protection can be observed in Asia, as well as an alignment of regulations between the insurance and banking industries.


At Sia Partners, we believe there is an incentive to anticipate operational impacts of such regulations for companies to make - as upstream as possible - decisions that will enable them to properly prepare for any necessary changes. Banking and Insurance practices from Sia Partners across APAC (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan) collaborated to produce our Asia-wide compliance booklet for Financial Services, 2016 issue. This material provides you with fact sheets describing the substance and impact of the main current or pending regulations impacting both the banking and insurance industries in the region.


Below you will find an extract of our analysis. Don't hesitate to contact us to receive your complete hard copy:

Hong Kong, Banking | helina.lo@sia-partners.com
Hong Kong, Insurance | pierre.folk@sia-partners.com
Singapore | david.hollander@sia-partners.com
Japan | makoto.suhara@sia-partners.com
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