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Energy Outlook

30 questions every Energy Trading CEO should be asking

In an increasingly competitive, connected, rapidly changing and information rich physical trading world, Energy Trading CEOs need to be very clear about how their businesses generate distinctive and sustainable returns.


The energy trading markets are evolving rapidly. It is not possible now to win a couple of term contracts, secure a key asset position, hire experienced traders, and enjoy the resulting trading income over a sustained period of time. In the same way that abnormal returns in financial markets disappear in the blink of an eye, physical market dislocations have ever shorter lives as trading companies respond faster and with greater resources. Even where trading positions require significant investment to secure flexibility, these barriers to entry are quickly overcome by capital providers working quickly with new entrants to exploit opportunities. Meanwhile, players at each end of the value chain are becoming aware of the value of their contracts and their embedded optionality and are seeking appropriate compensation.


So where does this leave the Energy Trading CEO?


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