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Carolinas' Clean Energy Economy

The Race for Clean Energy Leadership

Carolinas' Clean Energy Economy: The Race for Clean Energy Leadership

The Carolinas’ clean energy economy includes 2,070 firms with over 61,000 jobs, according to the latest available figures. The industry currently generates $17.5 billion in revenue for the region and continues to grow. Impactful legislation has influenced the growth and development of these industry sectors since adoption of the National Energy Act in the late 70s. Fast forward to present day, the Carolinas’ solar capabilities are among the greatest in the country and the potential for new solar installations remains promising. Additionally, the Carolinas region is a national leader of nuclear-fueled power production - with more nuclear-generating capacity than any other single U.S. state. Furthermore, historic lithium deposits give the Carolinas the ingredients to become a central hub in the battery and energy storage industry. All the while, groundbreaking partnerships between Dominion Energy and Smithfield farms create one of the most extensive waste-to-energy project plans in the United States. As the need to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy becomes more apparent, the success of the Carolinas' solar, nuclear, battery, and waste energy industries become increasingly imperative. 


To understand the clean energy markets in the Carolinas, it is important to understand the factors that led to its growth. A number of pieces of legislation, both older and more recent, greatly benefitted the Carolinas' renewable energy sector.


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