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An Analysis of the Overall Adoption of RPA

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An Analysis of the Overall Adoption of RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is paramount to remaining competitive across industries and functions. Until now, automation technologies have only provided a glimpse into the possibilities of achieving increased productivity, improved accuracy, and lower operating costs in a multitude of applications.


The impact of RPA is already noticeable in banking, insurance, health, industry, and public services, and adoption is growing every day. Benefits of utilization range from streamlining HR processes to improving customer experience.


Sia Partners’ RPA Adoption Study provides a comprehensive review of current RPA adoption by synthesizing existing studies with varying objectives, sector focuses and geographical areas, in conjunction with Sia Partners’ RPA expertise and experience. We explore the current state of RPA adoption, the RPA vendor landscape, the main obstacles to RPA adoption, as well as the future of RPA to provide new insights, regardless of your RPA maturity.


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